BEAT Magazine, May 19- June 8

Hanna Hanra’s genre-redefining music ‘zine, Beat, launches the follow up to its much-celebrated debut issue. The Beat, defined by Hanra’s distinctive tone and Dean Langley’s (previously of i-D) strong art-direction, is jammed with exclusive music editorials and interviews with both legendary and emerging artists. Put together on the premises of how exciting something is, Beatʼs content is not dictated by release schedules – itʼs about how something sounds, a time capsule of a modern record collection.

The Beat is unique in that unlike other music mags, it allows respected photographers a space for visual experimentation and cultivates new photographic talent. Beatʼs editorial angle and reputation allows revealing, frank interviews with artists such as Nick Cave, Marianne Faithfull, Dave Grohl and Brett Anderson from writers such as Paul Flynn, Daryoush Haj Najafi and James Anderson, as well as finding and nurturing writing stars of the future.

Some contirbutors for Issue 2 include: Walter Pfeiffer, Alasdair McLellan, Claire Shilland, Mick Rock, Tyrone Lebon, Ryan McGinley, Brett Lloyd, Jason Evans, Nigel Shafran and Wolfgang Tilmans.